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Child abuse, exploitation and neglect don’t just damage young lives, they destroy promising futures before they even get a chance to be lived. At Torbay Children’s Services, the fight against this has gone up several gears.

We’ve invested millions in a completely new approach that has lowered caseloads, transformed training, launched new supervision models, developed brilliant external partnerships, and introduced sector-leading technology.

We are committed to a restorative and relational model of working ‘WITH’ our children and young people so they remain at the heart of our practice. Restorative and relational based practice describes a way of being, an underpinning ethos, which enables us to build and maintain healthy relationships, resolve difficulties and repair harm when relationships breakdown.

And it’s working. This is a new era for the children of Torbay – one where they can be safe, grow up, realise their potential and follow their dreams.

We're on a really ambitious improvement journey. 

Our expectations are high, and our offer is comprehensive - including a career-long learning academy, an attractive package of employment and relocation options, including retention payments for qualifying posts, and much more.

Make no mistake, this is an ambitious, child-first new mission. If that sounds like something you want to be involved in, I look forward to receiving an application from you and welcoming you to Torbay.

Nancy Meehan, Director of Children’s Services

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Everything here is about the children. They come first, always. We won't fail them.